Rivella International Rivella beyond Switzerland's borders

We not only aspire to consolidate our position as one of Switzerland's strongest growing beverage manufacturers, but also set our sights on establishing ourselves in selected markets abroad. Our company currently generates around 25 percent of its sales outside of Switzerland. The gradual development of our export business is one of our strategic growth drivers.

We currently export Rivella to the following international markets: 


We have been exporting Rivella to the Netherlands since 1957: consequently, not only is this country the oldest in the export market for the Rivella brand, it is also the largest and most important. Holland and its people have made a strong contribution to the growth of the soft drink brand: for example, Rivella Blau originated in Holland.  


Since 1977, Rivella has been firmly established in Luxembourg's retail trade, catering sector, schools and at events where Rivella is a welcome and popular partner. We can thank the founder of Luxembourg's Cactus retail company for that much. He came across Rivella in Switzerland and wanted to be able to drink it back home. Since then, Luxembourg has become the country with the largest consumption per capita next to Switzerland.


The border regions, particularly Alsace, Lorraine and Franche-Comté, have been Rivella territory for many years. The Swiss soft drinks brand has a loyal and regular customer base, which should continue to increase in future.


Rivella enjoys a high profile and loyal fans in Austria, predominantly in the Vorarlberg region, which borders Switzerland.

Other export countries

Rivella is available through individual importers in the following countries:

Sales enquiries

We would be pleased to receive enquiries from other export markets and review requirements for exporting Rivella to the country concerned. We are also interested in forming strategic partnerships with strong local market players in other countries.

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